When it comes to practicing climbing skills at a rock climbing wall, there’s no place like Boulder. Whether your kids are newbies who want to try the activity for the first time or they have some experience and are looking for more practice, there are plenty of great places to go!

Boulder’s vibrant climbing community and renowned outdoor scenery create an immersive environment that not only fosters skill development but also instills a deep appreciation for the sport. The city’s diverse range of climbing gyms offers tailored experiences for climbers of all ages, helping kids build confidence and competence as they ascend walls and tackle challenges. As a hub for climbing enthusiasts, Boulder provides a unique opportunity for children to learn from experienced climbers, discover new techniques, and forge lasting connections within the climbing community. Whether indoors or outdoors, Boulder’s climbing offerings ensure that young adventurers can elevate their skills and passion in a setting that is truly unparalleled.

Climbing is one of those family-friendly activities that allow people to stay fit without even realizing it. There are a few places in Boulder where kids can enjoy this great sport – here’s the list of best spots for indoor rock climbing in Boulder:

Where: 1960 32nd Street, Boulder, CO, USA

ABC is a climbing gym just for kids!

The 7,200 square-foot facility has experienced staff to encourage developmental skills in both the brain and body, and it offers half-day camps and full-day camps which also offer arts & crafts components. ABC Kids Climbing also provides classes, private and group lessons for kids and families, and activities for special needs kids.

Where: 3240 Prairie Avenue, Boulder, CO, USA
Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM-11 PM | Saturday-Sunday 8 AM-8 PM

The Spot Bouldering Gym offers 15,000 square feet of rock climbing, slacklining, training, and community in Boulder, Colorado!

It features one of the longest, steepest training caves around, and the huge Battle in the Bubble Competition Wall! This is a great option for kids’ places for active fun in Boulder!

Where: 401 North Denver Avenue, Loveland, Colorado, USA
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 4 PM-9 PM | Friday: 4 PM-Midnight | Saturday: 11 AM-Midnight | Sunday: 11 AM-9 PM

Scale the ancient ruins and ring the gong at the top of LLT’s 4-person climbing wall.

This climbing wall is fun and exciting for kids ages 8 & up. With a state-of-the-art Perfect Descent auto-belay system, you don’t need climbing experience to have a blast. And the 4 routes range from beginner to expert, so even adults will find a challenge to match their skill level!

Where: 2845 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO, USA
Hours: Monday-Friday 6 AM-10 PM | Saturday 8 AM-8 PM | Sunday 8 AM-6 PM

Movement Climbing + Fitness Boulder is located in the heart of Boulder in Colorado.

Movement offers a lead climbing and top rope terrain which include the nationally renowned Grey Wall. The 22,000 square feet facility was built in 2009 with 30-40 foot walls.

Rock climbing is a natural way for children to stay active, socially connected, and discover who they are. Programs include after-school activities, teams, and camps.

Where: 2400 30th Street, Boulder, CO, USA

At CATS you will find a multitude of programs for athletes of all ages!

You will find classes, camps, skill clinics, private lessons for all ages, and adults, preschool, and a climbing open gym! This is also a great place to host a birthday party!

Where: 9979 Wadsworth Parkway, Westminster, CO, USA
Hours: Monday-Thursday: 12 PM-6 PM | Friday-Sunday: 11 AM-7 PM

Who doesn’t love a good climb? Challenge your grip and so how far you can make it up Activate’s rock wall, and don’t worry about the fall. 

The giant airbag is sure to be there for you after you’ve reached the top!

Where: 2829 Mapleton Ave, Boulder, CO
Hours: Monday-Friday – 6 AM-10 PM | Saturday/Sunday – 8 AM-8 PM

Boulder Rock Club is a Boulder, Colorado-based indoor climbing gym, offering top-roping, lead climbing, bouldering, group fitness classes, as well as youth and adult courses.

This is a family-friendly facility catering to beginners and experts alike.

Where: 2500 47th St, Boulder, CO USA

Founded in 2019, The Ice Coop is a dedicated indoor dry-tooling gym, located in Boulder, Colorado.

It provides space to condition outdoor ice climbing or dry tooling or training for competition. This is North America’s first indoor ice climbing (or “dry tooling”) gym! 

Where: 6805 W 88th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80021, USA
Hours: Monday-Thursday 9 AM– 4 PM | Friday- Sunday 9 AM – 7 PM

Kid Space offers over 9000 square feet of indoor play space, ballistic area, and hands-on fun for kids 0-12 years of age to run, jump, crawl, slide and bounce!